Herbs for Anything


Cooking pot


Use this spell for anything, just pick herbs that match your goal.

Spell Casting

Decide what herbs you are using. Gather them, cleanse and charge all of your ingredients and tools. Add water to the pot, add herbs imaging your goal happening. I like to use amounts of 3, 3 bay leaves, 3 tsp of basil, 3 whole cloves, etc, but use any number or amount that appeals to you. You can make up a simple chant to say while adding the herbs, but it's not necessary.

Then stir the pot 3 (or your number) times (again you can say something if you wish). The direction you stir depends on your intent, for example if you want to attract love or finish a project, clockwise. If you're trying to break a bad habit or protect your house, counterclockwise might work better for you. Then turn on the stove and let it boil down. Don't let it boil dry though.

Also you could do this outside with a ritual fire, but I do it inside and it leaves the whole house smelling magical. This is also an elements spell, herbs = earth, water is water, stove = fire, and steam = air. Also remember no spell will work if you sit around doing nothing. Get out there and make it happen!

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