Hysteric's Money Charm Spell


A dollar bill of any amount that feels right and comfortable to you.
Patchouli Essential Oil
A wallet, purse, or somewhere to store the charm on you at all times.


A simple money spell using a dollar bill of any amount that you enchant to make a charm that brings money to you.

Spell Casting

Anoint the dollar with Patchouli essential oil, Visualize Green, Gold, or any money or wealth-related energy spreading throughout the dollar. Next, just hold the dollar in you hands, close your eyes, and just focus all of your will, desire, and intent on the dollar. Visualize money coming to you.

Once you've spent some time and really feel that your intent and energy has seeped into the dollar, fold it into a small square or rectangle, each time you press a crease, press the energy into the dollar, locking it in. Lastly, place the ''charm'' into a safe place in your wallet or wherever you money is stored. *Note* You can make this

This spell was created and contributed by HystericSoul

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