Duality Charm


2 items or charms you wish to power.
any number of things that have two sides or comes in pairs


A spell of infusing power into two items at once, parts of the spell can be altered depending on your personal changes.

Spell Casting

pelase note that oyu can alter any part of the spell as you see fit, i personally use this spell to make two of my charms react more strongly, making them two sides of one coin. think of the charms involved as equals, not one and two.

i implore these two i wish to empower, give me strength due to the dour.
whence there was one, there is now two, in aura and essence; i combine you. in body you are separate, but in power you are mine; give me power i store upon thee, stock it with time. yin and yang, light and dark; protect me from the Art; one as sword, one as shield, two as power i yield. make these act on my instincts, divide my worry- unite my power in a hurry and fight my enemy for me! now i unite thee upon the blessed three: wisdom, energy and life, i use, nay shalt this power be abused: protect and fend, do not succumb or bend, now by the power of three i bless unto thee: thy will be done, let it harm none.
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