Homemade Revange Spell


Toilet Paper
White Candle


Get revange on the people that cause harm.

Spell Casting

*I don't Take any responsability of damage*

In the morning maybe before going to school/Work.
Light a candle then take 2 pieces of toilet paper and write the person name that you want to revenge on.
Then move the candle in a place where there is nothing in the way (So nothing burns) Bit by bit rip the pieces and burn them in fire then say "I *Your Name* Revange this person for all the pain he has caused to others for all my scars that won't fade away from all the pain in thy heart he/she has cause, revenge this person and let him feel same Let *Eniemies Name* Feel as we did so mote it be"Then make sure everything
Is cooled down after it is put it in the bin.

I hope it works for you good look If you have any questions feel free to send me a message Lots of Luck :D Goodbye

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