Double the Money


Dragons Blood oil
Amber oil
2 one dollar bills


This is a spell that doubles the amount of money that you attract.

Spell Casting

Gather together two one dollar bills that you have saved for this spell. Next gather the amber oil and dragons blood oil. Invoke a dragon to assist you in the spell you are about to cast. Next, plaice one of the dollar bills in front of you. Start applying the amber oil on one side of the dollar bill while you incantation of the following spell.

"I call upon the ancient power
Of dragon's power,
By the Oaks and Trees,
I ask of thee,
To double the amount
That comes to me,
So mote it be!"

Keep repeating this incantation until you have completed anointing the first side of the dollar bill with the amber oil. Next do the same with the dragons blood oil on the other side of the dollar bill.

Finally, fold each anointed dollar bill twice; first fold should be in half from center of the bill. next fold should be in half again long was. then the spell is complete. You would put the enchanted folded dollar bills in piggy band or glass jar or were ever you keep your loose change in.
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