Immortal Love Apple


1 red large apple
Sharpe knife
Parchment paper (small piece)
1/4 steaspoon of honey
few cloves
lots of cinnamon
1 small red tea candle
4 orange votive candle
Love oil
Love incense
4 new quarters


In the world of Magick the apple symbolizes love, seduction and fertility. This spell will attract love to you.

Spell Casting

Cut off the top of the apple and set aside.Hollow out the apple (use a spoon).On the parchment paper place the names of the 2 persons (cut the parchment in a heart shape then place the parchment in the apple, cover with the herbs and honey.

Insert the red tea candle last. Place the apple on your love altar, surround with the 4 orange votive candles rubbed with love oil. Burn your favorite love incense. Light each of the votive candles, calling in the directions north, east,south and west, in that order.

Take each quarter and ask for what ever you want on the relation, then take the 4 quarters with both hands and rub them together 27 times, thinking as you rub you strengthen the relationship. Place each quarter under each votive candle. Pass the apple through the love incense smoke, again repeating your petition. Light the tea candle that you already had place inside the apple. Pass the apple close to the flames of the quartes candles, one at a time.

Allow all candles to burn completely. Place the top back on the apple (with contents still inside) by this time your red tea candle flame should be out. Bury it outside or in a flower pot.
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