Hear Me Vampire Mother


Full moon
Loud, clear voice
Clear mind


Summons the Mother of Vampires to turn you. She will only turn people that She thinks are good enough for the world or darkness. Good Luck!

Spell Casting

Say this 10 times between 10pm - 12am. While saying this think strongly about why you want to become a vampire.
"Mother of Darkness.
Hear my plea.
I wish to be a Vampire.
To have long fangs, red eyes and pale skin.
To sell my soul to you.
To thrive on blood.
To have super strength and speed.
So Mote it Be, So Mote it Be!"

This summons the Mother of all Vampires. She comes to you when the time is right and turns you if your good enough. You will only get these side effects if you are strong enough to become a vampire.

Side effects

Headaches; Migraines
Stomach aches
Visions of a shadowed woman coming to you
Light sensitivity

Good Luck
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