Angel Spell


Loud voice; clear voice
Night-time; bed-time


A simple angel spell that transforms you into an angel permanently.

Spell Casting

Chant this 5 times at night preferably before bed. Concentrate on what you want your wings to be like.

'Angels, angels, from far, far away,take me high in the sky.
Let me be one of you.
Wings of two.
I wish to fly just as high.
I wish for wings as beautiful and as powerful as golden rings.
Take me far, far away.'

Side effects

Headaches; Migraines
Nausea; Vomiting
Neck ache 
Continuous coughing 

Your wings will grow in a weeks time. If you are a chosen angel you will be able to travel to heaven anytime you like. It depends on the person, you will still be an angel either way.

Good Luck!
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