Become a Thing


1 Pot of Hot Water
1 Drop of Your Blood
1 Drop of Creatures Blood (Cat, Dog, Etc.)
1 Drop of Your Saliva
1 Drop of Creatures Saliva
1 Spoon
1 Glass Cup


Become something else.

Spell Casting

Heat up the water in the pot till it boils. While it is boiling, put in the creature's blood and your blood. Say:

"This creature has shared it's blood with me, making me a thing. I am almost transformed, so mote it be."

Continue stirring, and pour in yours and the creatures saliva. Say:

"This creature has shared its saliva with me, making me a thing. I am transformed. So mote it be."

Pour the mix into the glass cup and drink when it cools.

Side Effects:

  • Pain in your nails 
  • Pain in your teeth 
  • Visibility Issues
  • Smelling Issues
  • Hearing Issues
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