Healing Soak


Pestle and mortar
Small bag
Clean jar
Pink or white candle
Rock salt
Rowen berries
Pink rose buds
1 rose quartz crystal


A simple healing spell using herbs and crystals.

Spell Casting

Cleanse your ritual space as usual and then face east. Light the candle. Add the salt to the pestle and mortar and say "Creature of earth, I cleanse and purify you for use in my healing rite" . Add the rowen berries and chant:

"Creature of healing, I cleanse and purify you for use in my healing rite". 
Add the pink rose buds and chant:
"Creature of love, I cleanse and purify you for use in my healing rite".

Now grind the ingredients together focus your energy going from your hands and into the mixture. Grind the three things together and as you do chant three times:

"Rowen, rose and salt together, make the aches and pains feel better". A
dd your personal reason behind the rite if its going to be used specifically. After it is ground take the rose quartz and knell facing east.

Hold back your head and look to the heavens. At this point ask whichever deity you want to help this healing mix do its work. Feel the connection to you via the crystal. When it feels right (and only you will know), channel the energy into the crystal and place it next to the candle. Transfer the mix into the bag and place it into the jar. Put the crystal on top of the bag and screw the top on tightly as you do, say with passion "Heal" and then put it in a safe place till needed.

Thank the God/Goddess you have used then close your circle as normal. And blow the candle out to close the rite. When it comes to use the mixture, take the crystal out show your respect to its healing power. Mix into running water chanting three time:

"Creature of earth, creature of water, creature of healing, creature of love: Mix together and combine to renew, replenish and heal". 
This is used in baths, foot baths or anything where you submerge in water.

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