Real Vampire


1 mirror
An image of what you want your fangs to look like


This will make you a vampire over one week but if you do it without a single flaw, only three days. This is permanent.

Spell Casting

Sit inside in front of a mirror at 11:11. Look at yourself and then picture what you fangs will look like. (Note: Yes, like Twilight you will be slightly more attractive than most humans, but you will not sparkle). Say: "Please hear my plea, I wish to be a vampire. I understand the risks in which it will bring".

Then you have to hold your right hand to your cheek, as to indicate that you understand this is the last time you will feel the warmth of your human blood. You will shortly after feel sick, like almost dying, but you will not die. You should feel a burn on your skin which won't go away until night. It takes a while to get used to.
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