To attract [good] luck


*drawstring bag
*two lode stones
*dried sea horse
*a horseshoe
*a clover
*straberry incense
*some matches
*two green candless
*violet oil
*holy water
*a vocal chord


this is a simple luck spell

Spell Casting

Put the following items in a drawstring bag: two lode stones, a dried sea hores, a horseshoe, and a clover. Burn Strawberry incense. Get two green candles (or which ever symbolizes luck to you) and dress the candles with Voilet oil. Then chant over the bag,

"Luck shall come to me by the powers of three, by my will so shall it be!"

At this point in time you should anoint the bag with holy water and say,

"The bag is sealed and this charm is made."
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