Rose Water


A bottle of rose water
7 metres of white cord
Four green candles and one pink one
Charcoal and a small charcoal burner
A dozen or so freshly plucked rose petals and some rose essential oil
A stick of cinnamon
A gold pen
A glass bowl filled with fresh spring water
A bowl of earth


This spell works for lovelorn, but don't cast it with anyone special in mind lest you stand accused of trying to control his/her free will. Rather, trust to fate that whoever answers is the right one for you. Try it on a friday during a waxing moon.

Spell Casting

Bathe or shower in warmwater then scent yourself with rose water. Now, relaxed and refreshed, open your circle clockwise. Light one green candle at each of the four major compass points of your circle and invoke the winds, facing each direction in turn, with these timeless words:

"Hail to thee East Wind
Hail to thee south wind
Hail to thee West Wind
Hail to thee North Wind
I call for love
And make this offering to you.
And it harm none, so be it"

Place the charcoal burner in the middle of the circle, lay the charcoal in it and light it. Use the flame to light the pink candle, place it alongside the burner and begin breathing deeply until you feel that your energies and emotions are properly concentrated.

Facing East, put seven of the rose petals to one side and rub rose oil on to the rest. Crush the cinammon stick over the oiled rose petals and float them down into the smouldering charcoal.

Now, focusing on the word 'LOVE', use the gold pen to write it on each of the seven rose petals you put to one side and rain them into the bowl of fresh spring water. Sit in the circle, letting the scent of the spice ad the rose petals envelop your every breath until your charged energy is focused on love and love alone.

Now give yourself to your emotions - open your hands, open your heart and repeat the words of the spell seven times:

"Oh Angel of Love, I call upon you to fill me with love that I may feel a joyous heart. I ask that I may share this love with another who will come to me of their own free will and together we will know the beauty of a loving union. I ask this for the highest good of all."

The words spoken, say your thanks and blow out the candles. Now close your spell by winding up the cord circle in widdershins way, taking the container of rose-scented water in both hands and holding it aloft for a moment before letting it drizzle into the bowl of the eartn.
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