Doing Pyrokinesis


A candle


This spell teaches to do pyrokinesis, or controlling fire.

Spell Casting

You don't have to be gifted by talents to do pyrokinesis. It's all about practice. OK let's get started.

Step 1: Sit in a comfortable position, make yourself comfortable.

Step 2: Place the candle on a flat surface, in front of you. Then
light the candle.

Step 3: Look at the flame, understand it. Think that its a part of
your body. You can move the flame just like you move your

Step 4: Focus hard on the flame. Don't strain yourself, and visualize
the flame moving at your will.(With your eyes opened).

Step 5: Point your index finger of your dominant hand at the
flame and move slowly left, then right,(also visualize the
flame is moving at your finger's direction).
After some practice you'll start to see that the flame is
actually moving at your will. But don't expect this to work
at first time.

After Practice you can:
*Control the direction of flame
*Raise or lower the flame
*Extinguish the flame (Might be hard)
*Relight the flame (Might be really really hard).
Don't loose hope first time guys, this requires real practice, so try and try, bye guys!!! need help?? just mail me, and i'll be there for you!
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