A Vampire Spell


A clear voice; a loud voice
Full moon/New moon


This spell is the most common, fastest and effective vampire spell that you can find on the Internet.

Spell Casting

This spell is most effective when said between 10:30pm and 12:00am. Chant this spell 10 times. While saying this spell think about the powers you want as a vampire.

' Blood red,
Pale skin,
Draw me in,
Quench my thirst,
Coarsing veins,
Let my body feel no pain.'

After doing this spell you may feel dizzy, sick and tired. However about 5-10 minutes later you will feel extremely energetic.

Side effects

Blood cravings
Food not tasting nice
Change of sleeping patterns
Stomach, teeth (especially canines), and head aches
Heightened senses
Canine growth

What you will have as a vampire

Heightened senses
Canines that will pierce skin upon contact
Sleep less or not at all
Kill victims/turn victims

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