Twilight Vampire Spell ~Better~


Night time


Become A Newborn Twilight Vampire.

Spell Casting

Say this 10 times at night.

Spirits of the undead, I ask you please to turn me into a Vampire. My skin will be like granite unbreakable. I will get one special gift which will be ________. I can feed on both human and animal blood, if I bite a human and leave it alive the human will begin turning into a vampire. The transformation will be painful and will take three hours. I will have super strength, Super speed, Super senses. My eyes will be bright red if I drink human blood and golden if I drink animal blood and black when I am hungry. I will sparkle in the sunlight if I want to. My teeth will be unbreakable and I will not have fangs, I will have normal teeth that are razor sharp. And this is my will So mote it be!
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