Fire Seeing/Calming


camp/bond fire
very clear mind


This will help you find yourself and the answers your heart seeks. It will also help balance energy and fire. It also help get energy.

Spell Casting

Build a camp/bond fire some where that you can be relaxed and wont be disturbed. Now sit down an stare into the fire. DONT THINK OF ANYTHING. Just allow the frie show you what it has to show you. First it will show you your self. Then you will get the feeling that your at peace and relaxed. Then it will show you the answer to the question(s) that is in your heart. Keep on and then you feel your energy is filling up untill full. If you can focus it will show you some stuff that you will have to over come in life. If you got any spells that calls for a fire or controlling fire you can do it befor or after this. You must have a clear mind while doing this. you might want to listen if you hear a whisper. I got a spell and some info from doing so. The whisper dont always speak. It does like to come when your not listtening for it.
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