Binding a Harmful Person


1 paper
1 black pen
1 black candle
1 white candle
1 circle mirror
Black thread/cord/string anything really
Basil sage and angelica incense


What this spell does is trap the persons powers to harm until the stop what they are doing.

Spell Casting

Cast a circle. Then light the candles and incense. Ask for the help of Hecate and the Morrigan. Write down the persons name on a small piece of paper with the black pen. Show it to the elements and goddesses. Start wrapping the paper in the black cord as you say, "(Person), I bind you from doing harm".

When done, burn the paper and imagine their power to harm burning away. Place the ashes on the mirror. Make a small circle of salt around the ashes. Concentrate on the person, then breathe onto the mirror and say, "Evil's death by my breath". Close the mirror and seal it with black candle wax.
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