Get Rid of Poverty


1 black chime candle
Crushed red peppers
Sage oil or any oil that repels negativity
Sharp tool
Calamus root
Image of yourself
Agrimony (herb)


This spell will help you get rid of poverty that has a hold on your life.

Spell Casting

During the waning moon, cast a strong circle or square of white light. Imagine this light coming from the Earth and entering your space, attaching itself to the walls. If you wish you could call upon any deity or angel you want or just do the spell as is.

Cleanse all of your tools which ever way you want. Take the black candle with your hand of power and say " This black candle will do as I say, you will work for me in getting rid of poverty from my life. You will work together with all the other herbs and elements that is working with me during this spell"

Grab the sharp tool and carve " Banish Poverty From Me" on it,While you are doing that imagine poverty fleeing away from you. Imagine you being able to pay all bills on time and not worrying about income. Imagine the word Poverty running away from you and your home

Take the picture of yourself and place it in the middle of your alter. Around your picture you will sprinkle counter clock wise the Agrimony ( this will dispel negativity that is near you). Now dress your candle with oil, after that dress it with the crushed red peppers, bits of calamus root. When applying the herbs, roll the candle AWAY from you because you are getting rid of something

Sprinkle the salt around the your alter in a circle formation to protect this spell. You want this spell to work full force without any negativity energies hindering its strength. Light your candle and say three times:

" I stand here today to
Get rid of poverty that is in my life
I stand here today to
Banish poverty from me in anyway
With all the power in me,
All the power in this candle,
All the power in these herbs, 
May it all work within the speed of light
Get poverty far, far away from me
Through no harm of course
Banished is poverty which is now gone from me
As I will it, so mote it be"

Un-cast your circle/Square your spell is now done. Trust and believe that your strong desire will come true. Say thanks to your deity or angel if you called for one.
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