A glass - half full of water
A clear mind


Have the ability to shape water

Spell Casting

Place the glass in front of you. Start to meditate, think of the properties of the water, try to feel the energy of the water flowing through your mind.
Once you have felt the true energy of the water, start to feel the energy from the water, mixing with your energy. Place your hands on top of the glass. Chant this 3 times while you are feeling the energy of the water, flowing through your mind.
' My energy and the waters energy are now as one. I can bend water, shape water, to whatever I want. By the power of 3 so mote it be.'
Your energy and the waters' are now as one. Feel your energy flowing from your mind to the water. Your fingers should feel slightly wet but it depends on the person. Now imagine yourself shaping the water. Shape it into whatever you want. It takes a while to get this right.

Good luck!
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