Twilight Werewolf (Shape-Shifter) Spell


Day time.


I don't know if it works, Haven't tried it myself. Please if you try it message me with the side effects .

Spell Casting

Say this 10 times. From no earlier then 7 Am. And no later then 6 pm

Spirits of the wolf, I ask you please to turn me into what I wish to be, a werewolf. In my human form I will grow taller and I will become faster and stronger. I will be able to transform into my wolf form in seconds. In my wolf form I will have complete control in my wolf form. I will have super speed, my teeth will be very strong, I will have super strength and super senses. In my human and wolf form my skin and fur will constantly be at a tempature of 42 degrees celcius. I will hunt down vampires who smell like a sick sweet smell.And This is my will, So mote it be !
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