Summoning the Ancestors


A Staff (preferably one you have worked with before)
Incense burner (stick and cone incense will work here, I first made this ritual using those, but you must have a way to burn the offering)
Purification or protection Incense (I use Frankincense or Sandalwood)
a small offering (meat works well, though bread will work too, I'm not sure about offertory incense though because I have never tried to use it with this ritual)
6 white Candles (any type will do, i just depends on how long you intend to hold the ritual, I usually use tea candles if I'm not going to take too long, though it can be hard to tell sometimes how long the ritual will last


I constructed this ritual while I was practicing Shamanism, it has always worked for me, however I do recommend that you have some experience working with spirits before attempting this It is intended to help you call upon your ancestors for advice and guidance, or sometimes even help with a certain situations, mostly you will just feel their presence and will although they will, on very rare occasions manifest in visible form

Spell Casting

This ritual works best at night though can be performed at any time

Form the candles into a circle around the incense burner (or incense) and light the candles and start burning the incense (note: if using stick or cone incense, keep a ready supply within the ritual area and light it with the candles, there can be no new fire added or it can disrupt the ritual)

(optional, but recommended) Cast a circle

Hold up your staff and visualize a light at its end as you say in a firm tone

"Ancestors of Blood and Spirit, come to this light. Come to guide and aid me in this time and place, for I seek you wisdom and knowledge, please lend me your aid and grant me an audience oh wise ones"

You should start to feel their presence in short order, though you can never tell how many or which of your ancestors will come, some may not even be related to you by blood and some may only have spiritual ties (I have had a few animals and one Amakua [guardian spirit/deity] show up, this is why I recommend some experience with spirits

Hold the ritual for as long as you need

When closing the ritual don't forget to burn the offering and be careful to thank all that came and bid that they fare well until next time (this can be anyway you like as long as it is personnel and done with the appropriate respect)

Extinguish the candles one by one and envision that the spirits are leaving with the candle smoke

Open the circle once the last spirit has left
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