Turn one's self into a vampire


Full moon
Loud voice
A clear mind


This spell only works with a full moon and exactly at midnight.

Spell Casting

Lie down on your bed and stare at the ceiling.
Chant this only once.

' Gods and Goddesses I call upon you to make me a vampire. It is what I wish to be. I wish to no longer have to eat or drink anything, only if I want to. I want to die right here on this night, but be reborn as a vampire. I call upon the spirit of the Lord vampire, make me one of your kind. I reject my soul, I give my soul to you, I want to receive the gift of the vampire. Make me feel the worst pain for I have died and been reborn as a vampire. So mote it be.'

A minute after you do this spell you will have a stomach ache. You will then experience headaches and toothaches, especially the canines. You will have a rough burning sensation in your throat. It will feel like fire is being spread around your body. On the next full moon you will turn into a full vampire.

Good luck.
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