Healing Spell


Blue Candle
Stones Washed in Stream


Read the title.

Spell Casting

This spell heals the mind and the body.

1. Spread the stones which have been washed in a stream into a circle.
2. Place a Blue Candle in the center of the circle
3. Spread lavender all around the blue candle (make sure no lavender is touching the candle)
4. Light the candle
5. Chant the words:



"Sana mente
Mundare animam meam
Tollendum de omnes mala

Sana vulnera mea
Mundatis secat
Tollendum de omnes mala

Ego di
Sume misericordia
Upoun corpus et anima."



6. Breath in the fumes of the candle.
7. Rest for at least 12 hours.

You should be healed. Also the use of a Evening Primrose or/and Echinacea would help the healing. If you are confused just contact me.

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