Dragon Treasure Spell


1 Silver Candle
1 Gold Candle
1 Pin
Dragon's Blood [oil from a plant, not real blood]
1 Dragon Statue
8 pinches Sweet Basil
[optional] energizing music


Call upon the dragons to gain extra wealth.

Spell Casting

1. Carve your initials and the words 'Dragon Treasure' onto each candle with the pin. [dragon treasure should be above your initials]

2. Dress the candles with the Dragon's Blood, then anoint yourself. [third eye and wrist]

3. Place the candles onto the alter, and with the sweet basil circle each clockwise sprinkling the herb around each candle.

4. Light the candles, saying three times [once for each candle then a third time for both]

"Great and Mighty Dragons, blessed be."

5. Rub dragon's blood onto the statue. Hold the statue in your hands while saying three times:

"Great dragons of Earth, Air, Fire and Sea,
Share your dragon treasure with me.
From North, East, South and West,
By the power of the dragons I am blessed."

6. Continue to gaze into the eyes of the dragon statue, See in your mind wealth coming to you, the dragons watching over you. Let the candles burn down before opening the circle. Place the statue in the North corner of your home or work to attract good luck to you. [North is the direction of Earth, and Earth Dragons are commonly the ones who hoard vast riches.] By next month, the caster will be blessed with extra cash.
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