Potion to break a Curse/Hex


1/4 cup fresh Mimosa [1/2 a cup if dried]
1 cup water [rainwater is best]


Simple way to remove a curse or hex and protect yourself.

Spell Casting

1. place mimosa and water into pot and bring to a boil, while stirring say:

"As this potion simmers and boils
power infuses to break evil toils.
Goddess and God please aid me,
break through the dark hex so mote it be."

2. Let it cool. take the sponge and wash your body with the brew. As you do, visualize the darkness of the hex coming off and white light replacing it.

3. Turn yourself around three times clockwise. say each time:

"By turn of one,
this curse is done.
By turn of two,
it's power is through.
By turn of three,
it ceases to be."

pour remaining potion into the garden, or somewhere outside.
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