Banishing Spell for Bad Spirits


Holy water
large quartz crystal
an amulet or something to keep you safe from bad spirit.
a hammer or something to crush the quartz crystal.
a shovel or something to dig a hole.


this spell banishes bad spirits and send them back to where thy came.

Spell Casting

cast a salt circle around you and the person that is passed by a bad spirit.

place a cross on the possessed person with holy water on the crown, third eye, throat, hart, and solar plexus chakras.

be sure to have the quartz crystal in the salt circle.

next invoke Anyanwu god of the sun by chanting: "Ti's i call upon Anyanwu, god of the sun, I summon the to help me, banish this bad spirit and send it back to which it came, to trap in the quartz, so mote it Be, i ask of the!"

next once the bad spirit is out of the person possessed ask him to leave the salt circle. next you will leave the salt circle as well.

now the spirit is trapped in the salt circle with the quartz crystal.
next you will ask the god of the sun to force the bad spirit into the quartz crystal by incantation of the following words:
"By light, by sun, by god of light, Anyanwu we ask of the to smite the, and trap the in the quartz crystal through out eternity so mote it be!"

now once you fill it is safe to go back in salt circle, pick up the quartz crystal that has the bad spirit trapped in it, and thank the God of the sun for his assistants and close salt circle.

now go out side and get a hammer or something to crush the quartz crystal, and thin berry the quartz dust into the earth with the following incantation:
"by earth to dust this spirit is dis members, by fire, by earth you are now banished to the place in which you came, through eternity, so mote it be, this spell is complete!"

next cover the whole and never uncover it again.
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