Chamber of Treasure


2 small green candle
1 big long green candle
1 knife
Some grass
1 pot
Some water
Some bread
Some boiled eggs


This spell must be used only for emergency. All the money you will receive will be taken from you as money or other things such as health in future.

Spell Casting

Take the pot and put water in it. Add grass, wine, flowers, boiled eggs and bread. Boil them while mixing them for half an hour. Put then the pot on the table. Put the green big candle in front of it( take the knife and draw a pentagram on it) and the small candles in the back to make a triangle.

Light the candle and say: '' Ceres Mater Agrorum, Goddess of Earth and Rich, grant to me money, and I will give you blessing of your Earth to Earth. Never turn your face to me again, but now respect my comand!!'' take the pot and pour it near a tree. Let the candles burn and wait a few days.
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