Vampire Enix Spell


Blue candle
Nose blood
Cup with pentagram with the star
pure water
pic of you


This spell will may make you become a Enix Vampire.

Spell Casting

Enix is a planet that i've created,
it's an future Tv-show that i will play in
with the role of Zac, so this spell makes you
become a Enix vampire, that Enix actuallu exist.

So first of all get into your house you must be alone,
forget about everything you had learn at school and from
your family, it's all bullshits anyway..
so now your mind is clean of bullyshits so now get in front
at a mirror with a table, in the table get a wicca-star cup,
and light the blue candle, not light blue, blue or more darker blue,
the more depp blue you'll use the more you will start to ger deeper
your voice your vampire vision of life, and ect..
so now leave the candle and get the other staff,
get your blood from your nose no matter how much, but
remember the more you add in Enix-world means also more,
so more blood you had and more will be your hunger of blood,
so put the blood you want in a plastic bag, like when you by those
fishes, ok ? so you did add the blood on the plastic bag,
so now get your picture you must make it only for this so,
go in the photoshoot machine or print it from your computer,
and now cut your pic of you just like your symbol will be,
like a moon or anything ulse, this symbol must be new made,
not something you used for something ulse, ok ?
so now you did cut the symbol of your pic first to cut get a blue
permanent marker and on the pic draw your sybol and after
cut the draw just like you are cutting the symbol,
so after you finished cutting put all the pieaces of
pic inside your closed hand, so make 8 breaths and after
frow the pieces in the plastic bag where blood is,
so now close the bag and with the same permanent marker,
and draw the same symbol on your hand, on left, where your veins
are, so now blow the candle and burn the bag or simple
get rid of it. Make sure it's destroyed and no one can read it,
you must be do this spell when midnight starts with a moon in the
sky. So if you do this spell you will be an half Enixian and Half
Enixian-Vampires eat not pure blood oh and with the pure water
wash your nose. They only eat pure blood when they feel to,
so it's up to you, they eat alot of animal-meat blood and they
make it a milkshake, sometimes they add some milk in the morning,
and your lucky becouse you will become a immortal !
You will change yourself soon you'll become a big dreamer,
talented in singing and dancing, strong personality,
and your dreams will change, you will have super-powers,
and you will start to live the most of your days closed in
your room living in a fantasy world and all about imagination.
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