Calling Of Lucifer


2 pinches of salt
1 black candle
1 white chalk
1 12 inch of red thread


A shifter and I have used this, only in time of great need. Please don't go waving this spell arround uselessly.

Spell Casting

The calling of Lucifer is a simple proccess but must be done when the night is at its darkest and coldest.

Lay down the salt in a zigzag order.
Draw with the white chalk whatever reason you wish to draw Lucifer out along the lines of the salt.
Place the black candle across from the white chalk drawing and light the flame.
Then, spin the red thread a arround the candle till the end touches the flame.

Lastly whisper these words into the flame.

Oh, God of under
God Of time, do the souls trace with lice.
Of which this time I do combine, to hear the words
Hear my lies.
Lucifer, name of fear
Grant me a wish, one so I can hold dear.
From the unearthly runes, Elders talk.
Must I use what you've been called.
Mote it be granted.
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