Stop Nightmares


1 black and white bottle
2 white tea candle
1 seashell
1 bay leaf


I have been having nightmares that have scared me lately and I decided to do something about and created a spell, that helped me so much. I have not had a nightmare since.

Spell Casting

Light the candles, after you do that i sugest you to turn the lights out. Center yourself and work mainly on your breathing. Lay out all of the items and purify them with salt I always say " With this salt I invoke the goddess and god to purify these items" after you sprinkle the salt put you items in the bottle in the order I have listed in the ingredient list, while doing this say:

"I call upon the power of
The goddess and god to protect me
Rid me of these nightmares
Harm shall not come to your child
cleanse me of this worry.
I call upon the power of
Earth, Air, Fire, and water to protect
Lull me into peaceful sleep.
Good dreams should ever follow me
Blessed be"

After you say the spell blow one of the candles out and pour its wax into the bottle close the bottle and shake it and say "So my spell binds". After this put the bottle under your pillows and sleep peacefully.
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