The Conjuration of Archangel Azrael


Day of Saturn or Saturday
Hour of Saturn (Optional)
Any heavy floral scents
Any Black Gemstone (Tourmaline)


Conjure forth the Angel of Death, not for harm, but for conversation and connection

Spell Casting

If you are unsure when the Day of Saturn is, a Saturday will work just as well. Though, it is optional. The conjuration will just have a higher success rate on these days.

Start by applying the floral scent of your choosing to yourself or the room you are working in (Incense or oils, though a real plant/flower will work)

Sit in a chair or on the ground comfortably with your eyes closed. Your offering (Tourmaline, black gemstone, ect) should be within your palms. How you interact with Azrael now, is up to your personal self. If you are clairvoyant, you will see him within your mind's eye. If clairaudient, you will hear his calm voice. Clairsentient, you will feel his slightly dark energies.
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