Letter to the Fae


1 piece of paper
1 pen or pencil


This is a spell to send a message to the fae around your home. It can be used in any way, to invite the fae or to just tell them something. It can be used for any kind of fae.

Spell Casting

Take the pen/pencil and paper and wirte a letter to whatever kind of fae you want to write to. Put whatever you want to say in your letter. Fold it up or make it into a scroll, then put it in a place where it's not likely to blow away, where it's unlikely for anyone else to find it (preferably hidden from view) and a place where your kind of fae will go.

After a while, the letter should dissappear and then you will know that the fae got your letter. It's wise to leave some offerings to the fae as well, especially if you're inviting them.

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