Binding Spell


3 Tree Branches of A4 paper length
3 Separate plain white lengths of string
3 pieces of A4 paper


A spell to bind others from causing you, or another, from causing pain and suffering.

Spell Casting

Firstly take each of piece of paper and using your pencil write the names of the intended person to be bound. Now take one piece of paper and one of the branches and roll the paper around the branch, now get a length of string and tie it around the branch and paper chanting "Let the world hear my cry, no longer will you try, to harm myself or another, so mote it be."

Take the second piece of paper and roll it around another as you did the first and when you begin to tie the string chant "As the world has heard my despair, no longer will harm from you be near, so mote it be."

Finally take the third piece of paper and roll it around a branch, when you tie the string to this one chant "And now three by three, your harmful ways will no longer be, by light of day and dark of night you will no longer carry on to fight, as I will, So mote it be."

After this has been done you should bury the sticks or better yet burn them. If neither options are available then you may have to throw them in the bin where they will be taken away.
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