To Bind A Promise


1 black ribbon
2 black candles
1 red candle


To bind a promise. This is a witches spell for binding the simple energies of a promise to stay within the triangle that you and another cast to withhold the ritual.

Spell Casting

Place the 3 candles in a large triangle formation. Put the red at the topmost point and the 2 black to make the other 2 points of the triangle. Each side should be approximately 3-4 feet wide.Both of you stand in the triangle, side by side, and face the direction of the side that the 2 black candles make so that your backs are parallel with the red candle.

Light the 2 black candles, left to right, then light the red candle. Backs still paralleling the red candle, your fronts facing the side made by the 2 black candles, tie the black ribbon semi-tightly around both your arms so that whomever is on the left is touching their left arm with the right side person's right arm.

After you tie the ribbon, make your promise to each other and speak these words aloud in sync with each other:

"Arm to arm now seals the deal
Tight enclosure we each now feel
Our word is true and not to break
We speaks these words: a promise we make"

Now remake your promise once more. Untie the black ribbon from your arms.Extinguish the candles starting with the red, extinguishing widdershins. Face the red candle, slide it with your right foot to the right, and exit your magic promise triangle. Keep your promise, or you will reap the repercussions of breaking it.
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