Smoke and Mirrors


A black candle
A candleholder
A mirror
Citrus, eucalyptus, or cinnamon incense
An incense holder


Who were you in a past lifetime? This spell awakens your inner sight and helps you travel back in time. From "Nice Spells, Naughty Spells" by Skye Alexander.

Spell Casting

Best times to perform this spell:

  • During the new moon
  • When the sun or moon is in Scorpio or Pisces
  • On Mondays

Set the candle and incense (in their holders) on a surface in front of a mirror and light them. Turn off other forms of illumination. As the candlelight flickers and the smoke swirls in front of the mirror, gaze at your reflection. Say aloud:

"Shadow and light expand my sight.
Open a door to a time before
And let me see a different me."

Continue looking at your reflection for as long as you like, while your mind drifts back in time. Notice changes in your expression, features, coloring, etc. Pay attention to impressions, emotions, or thoughts that arise, too. Don't censor yourselfsometimes strange ideas can be clues to a past personality.

When you've finished, extinguish the candle and write down your experiences.
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