Black Widows Curse


2 red candles
2 black candles
Hair of victim or small objects from victim
Glass bowl or silver


Allows the victim to become weak, depressed, not themselves, and miserable

Spell Casting

Grab four of the of the candles and put them into a square. Make sure the colors are not on the same side. Next place the glass or sliver bowl in the middle and put the hair or object from victim in the bowl. Now grab one of the candles and poor the candle wax in the bowl and do it to the other candles one time. After that, close your eyes and chant:

"Curse of the Black Widow
Let -name- be tangled by the web of darkness
Let he/she struggle until they take no more
When the hour glass is torn" say it 5 times.

WARNING: be careful of who you put the curse on. Very strong spell
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