Nature Circle


1 spell
1 candle (appropriate color)
Some dirt or soil
Sand (Optional)


To cast a circle using nature to call upon the elements to help you with casting a spell.

Spell Casting

First off sit comfortably on any smooth surface and put the candle in front of you. The candle should be the appropriate color (ex; love=red, black=death). Light your candle and take the soil and create a circle around you and the candle. For extra strength, sprinkle sand and salt on the soil circle for extra power. Chant "Water, air, earth and fire. I call upon you"

Then say your spell. The spell has to be nature related, like growth or protection of plants or animals. Have a glass of water near so you can put out the candle with your fingers. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, either let the wind blow it out or pour water on the flame. sit in the circle for a few moments and breathe. Scoop up as much soil/sand/salt from your circle as you can and let the wind blow it from your hands.
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