Cleansing/Healing by your Spirit Guide(s) or Familiar(s) Spell


Knowing your animal spirit guide(s) or familiars.(knowing their names will work)
Knowing how to clear your mind
A place where is quiet and private


This spell is the help of your spitit guide(s), familiars or both to take the nagative energies from your body. Message me if you have any questions

Spell Casting

Find a place that is peaceful, quiet, and less likely for you to be disturbed.(I recommend being outside, in your backyard, or in a forest).
Sit down on the ground,log,rock, or whatever.And clear your mind for a minute.Take deep cleansing breaths.

Then chant this:

(Insert the guide's or familiar's name), I ask you to get rid of the negative inside of me
Let them do nothing but leave and let me be in harmony

I welcome the positive, let them stay
But make sure the negative goes away

After chanting you might feel a numbing,cooling, yet relaxing feeling in your back- but do not freak out, this is just the negative energy coming out from you body.
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