Powerful Love Spell


12 Roses


This is a very powerful spell designed to arouse feelings for you loved one.

Spell Casting

  Spell is better spend on growing the moon. Put the photo on the tray, put the candle on top. Roses lay around the photo. Take a candle and say a strong spell on a man's love: "Candle, I give you the name of (name)." Put the candle back in and light it. Repeat nine times a spell, concentrating on his desire:



"I stir up your heart, as it kindled a candle burns let your love for me. Your heart will melt like wax melts, as this wax flows, and you love to come to me. The candle burns, and love for me grows. Light a candle, and will show you the way to me. "



Let the candle burn down. Collect all the roses, and attach them to tie on his bed down the flowers, they should hang to dry. Brush a photo of the wax and hide in a secret place. If, before the full moon spell did not work, you can repeat it back to the Moon. Roses - a presentation of a gift of the goddess of love, so they must be at least a dozen.

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