Ritual for the Execution of Desire with 40 Candles


40 candles
1 mirror
1 tray
1 red fabric


Ritual for the execution of desire with 40 candles.

Spell Casting

It is better to do on the moon rising in the days of strength from 12 to 3 nights. Buy in the church 40 tapers (not cut). Put them on a beautiful tray. Put the tray on the floor. By the wall leans a little mirror.

Light all the candles and pray in your own words on the implementation of the most cherished desire. Pray until the candle does not go out. Your request must be emotional.

When the candle burned, then pick up the mirror and wrap it in a red cloth. This - the generator of your energy. Now, when you will be overflowing emotions, look in it for 5 minutes. It will concentrate in himself the power of which will come in handy for the execution of your wishes.

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