Spell for love in New Moon.


three strands of silk
three of your hair
olive oil
red wine or red fruit juice
red pitcher
red thread
the red pen
onion peel


To carry out the ritual should be on a Friday night in the Moon (or the first Friday after the new moon).

Spell Casting

On Friday evening, weave together three of his hair, and three silk threads. Hum at the same time:
- Scourge silk plet time plet destiny, weaving words. Weave it (name), the fate of his fate. I will be a reign in his heart, mind, soul and desires. Suppose he does not know the rest and relaxation, yet connect with me into one. As I said, so be it!
Roll the hair and thread woven into a ball and hold it between your palms of your hands until it is heated by the heat of your body.
Straighten the table onion peel and write on it the name of your favorite red marker. Circle the name of the pattern of the heart. Now, wrap the ball in the husks and silk from the hair. Tie bundle of red thread. Take it in hand and attach to the heart. Then the bundle you need to burn to the ground. While he will burn think about your loved one. Gather the ashes and put it in a red jar. Pour a little olive oil and place the jug under your bed before the full moon. In Moon, remove the jug, dip into the oil left thumb and lightly grease with butter crystal glass edge. Pour in a glass of red wine or red fruit juice and treat your loved one.
This spell is very effective and works immediately.

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