1 piece of Rose Quartz
1 piece of Amethyst
1 piece of Emerald
1 Brown candle


This spell will give you the confidence to do anything.

Spell Casting

Sit cross legged on a carpet, set up you Quartz, Amethyst and Emerald into a triangle around you. Please make sure the Quartz is the top point of the triangle, the Amethyst is the left point and the Emerald is the right. Light the candle and hold it in one hand and say

" Flame so bright, flame so right,
Take away the meek
Give me the wisdom and beauty
Of the Greek Goddesses
Let the salt I shower upon myself carry
What I crave, and upon my wake I be changed
From the shy, cautious one I am
To the confident one I wish to be"

Sprinkle the salt over yourself and blow out the candle. Go to sleep and in the morning you'll feel unstoppable!
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