To Summon Kima


Pentegram Made From Chalk
5 Candles At Each Point Of The Pentegram.


Kima is the Ruler of Valkyru which is a realm of Entities that are nothing like us they are like demons and nagas and stuff like that. Kima will come to you and ask what you want.

Spell Casting

Okay start by drawing a Pentegram large enough for you to stand in on the floor with the Chalk. Then place each candle at each point of the Pentegram, next say these words (they are written in Valkyrian as i am unableto translate them yet)

Agron Kitara Fomada Grokay,
Fankro Drekmara Vastada Mokron,
Liikana Vokrada Ognaska Kima,
Loska Demaca Fiska Mikalo,
Draska Modar Loska Drak.

Be warned this spell can be used for anything and i do mean anything, you can ask Kima to lend you one of his minions for sexual pleasure or you can ask him for power to crush all who have ever annoyed you, he will give you anything. I will reupload this a second time when i am able to translate Valkyrian.
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