Rite of 4 Elements to Attract Money


1 table
A piggy bank
1 cup
1 cup of water
A cologne (perfume)
A candlestick
A candle
4 coins


The rite of four elements to attract money will bring you great wealth.

Spell Casting

Put your piggy bank at the center of the table. On the north side of it, put a plate with salt. Salt - a symbol of the element of earth and place value. On the south side of a candlestick. Put a yellow candle, which symbolizes the element of fire, and another coin. Let the east stands a bottle of your favorite cologne (perfume) - is a symbol of the element. Air, and put it next to a coin. In the west - a glass of water (water element) and coin. Having placed all the items, proceed to the ceremony.

Take a few crystals of salt and toss them in a piggy bank. Throwing in a piggy bank and then coin, be sure to say: "As the salt on the table and money in the bank!" Light a candle, throw a coin into a piggy bank and say: "The fire is burning gold!" Let the candle burn completely.

Pick up a bottle of perfume, drip a little on the piggy bank, and say the words: "The winds are buzzing - money ring!" Do not forget to throw a coin into a piggy bank. Pour a cup of the palm of a few drops of water, run his hand over his face and say: "Monetary wave washes" - and throw a coin in the piggy bank quarter.

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