Weather Jinx




This jinx will allow you to create gust of wind to full on thunder storms, depending on one's power level.

Spell Casting

To cast this spell you need emotion. Elemental spells require emotion, as you need a strong force to control an even stronger force. With time, one can become strong enough to use simply their mind, but for beginners, emotion is key.

Second, you need willpower. Being stubborn, I will persevere at anything until I get my results. I encourage others to do the same.

On to the actual jinx. Concentrate on the one you wish to jinx. Imagine the hatred, sorrow, etc. they made you feel. Project that feeling into the weather. Think of strong winds as your anger, rain as your sorrow. When you've built up enough emotion and willpower, release your energy. For beginners, this works best at close range.
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