1 blue candle (ocean)
Potion (water,salt,and 1 of your tears)
A picture of a mermaid


This spell will turn you into a mermaid when wet.

Spell Casting

Mix potion in steaming bath.If needed extra salt can be added. Now light your candle and slowly get in bath tub ((it helps if you have calm music playing). Look at picture and say spell 4 times. Get out and dry off. Get back in bath and put out candle. Go under water and sing "Do Ra Me Fa So La Ti Do"

"Oh mighty Poseidon.
God of the sea,
Make me,
What I wish to be,
A mermaid,
With a tail of (color)
And power over (element)
Oh mighty Poseidon
God of the sea,
Make me,
What I wish to be"
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