Mermaid Spell/potion


Bath tub filed with water
bubble bath
sea salt
sea shells
one tear from your own eye
one tear from a friend's eye(must wish to be a mermaid as well)


GIRLS ONLY!!!!! Hint: works best when lights are dim, non-exsistent or candle lit

Spell Casting

get into the bath with your friend. ( the bubble bath will be in there and besides, you'll be wearing bikinis! no one pieces allowed!!) then you need to surround the outside of the bath tub with the sea shells. take out your legs and rub them in the sea salt. keeping your legs in the water, pour it all throughout the bath tub and mix it in. then chant the following:

Mermaids near and mermaids far, hear me as i need your power, water has been calling me, begging me to join your group my legs are twitching my legs are itching to become a tail. may my tail be (color you want your tail to be) and have powers of (power you want). i need to become you, help me become you, and please please please let me be a beautiful mermaid.
drink your friends tear. put your legs back into the water. after at least thirty minutes get out. every day for a month get back into the bath for the same amount of time. make sure you INSTANTLY dry off after exiting the bath tub.
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