An Ahkli Exorcism


Devil's Trap (recommended, not necessary)
Salt and Holy Water (also optional)
A Book of Ahkli (ask me if you need help with this)


This is an exorcism in Ahkli for driving out daemons. It also works on a few other things.

Spell Casting

After getting to the daemon you wish to exercise say:

Kazhletarahedel, relanihe aump ro fhudos, kazhhe ve nathali. Ranazhokalnal, meonakal teno gari ve ro eril dour velar co kuntekaldel varanio kazhhedellas dour ro crelto luakdol vien. Likal vien Pueltar anno co fierma.

The book should be held with your left hand and while saying the above use your right to form an orb of clear energy. After completing the chant throw the or. At the heart of the vessel to drive out the daemon. If done properly this should free the vessel and send the spirit away.
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