Revenge Spell


Natural beeswax
Victim-identity items (hair, nails, pieces of clothing, buttons)
Natural silk fabric
13 candles
1 live black chicken
1 ritual knife
Natural black thread
1 ritual shovel


A ritual curse the enemy. result - the intractable disease.

Spell Casting

This ritual is carried out only in 29 lunar day.

10 pm, at the altar light the black candle 13. summon demons (to enhance the power of the ritual).
Make a doll of wax. baptize the doll (the doll name + the name of the enemy ritual of baptism.)
Black fabric cut two large cross. little more than a doll. Put the doll on a cross. Top cover doll second cross. After that wraps the doll with black thread.
9 times, and say:

___ (Name your enemy) to put you to a black cross. Covering a black cross. in a black shroud you dress up. From the light I see off to the side of darkness.
I point you the way to the churchyard, the grave in a coffin. "

Release the demons (special ritual words).

After this, go to graveyard. they find the grave on which erased the name ( do not know who it is). in the center of the grave dig a hole, to a depth of 8-10 yard. put a hole in the doll. and say:


"___ (name your enemy), you are going to lie. here is your new home."


Pit covered with soil.
After that, at the grave with a ritual knife kill a chicken. chicken to put on the grave (the place where the pit)
not to look away, to go home and shut up. with no one to talk.
Then in the next 3 days you should not eat meat.
The ritual is recommended only for experienced practitioners of black magicians. Beginners and students can do this ritual only under the supervision of a teacher.
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